The Institute of Nutrition & Stress, Inc. (I.I.N.S.) was a dream realized in 1983 by Glenn Abrahmsohn, L.D.S., R.C.S., (Eng.) to establish a comprehensive medical practice, designed to educate its patients who suffered from what he dubbed the “Diseases of Technology,” in his book published the same year. Dr. A (as he is known) compiled a team of medical professionals to inform and design a wellness program with a focus on improving nutrition and lifestyle, thereby warding off the common ailments and diseases of Western Society.

Because dentistry was Dr. A’s art, and decay was primarily caused by the over consumption of sugar (promoting the diseases of technology,) The Dental Connection became the corrective arm of the I.I.N.S. and a guiding light for the prevention of dental disease.

The Dental Connection was founded on the principle that state-of-the-art dentistry required a team of great minds. This was a concept that originated in centers like East Grinstead in England, where injured soldiers during the Second World War were treated with surgical techniques developed by the merger of breakthrough dental and medical ideas, used in surgery today.

“We took the top techniques in cosmetic dentistry, in implants and periodontic skills, from the masters of the art and applied them to the developing technologies of the I.I.N.S. We compiled the finest team of specialists who brought their own vast knowledge and experience to the table and established a Dental Practice in Paradise to promote peace and vitality to its patients.”

The Dental Connection connected the dots between health and wellness, luxury and service, science and soul and put them within reach of those who seek consistency and perfection.

With thanks:

The following are the sources of inspiration, without whom the Dental Connection would not connect:

Restorative & Cosmetic Dentistry
(University of Pennsylvania)
(University of Seattle Washington)
(Da Vinci Laboratories California)
(Dr. Robert Nixon, Los Angeles, California)
(Dr. Irvin Smigel, New York)
(The Seattle Study Club, Dr. Gilbert Jacobson)

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